The Yard Barbers has been providing Sioux Falls best irrigation and sprinkler repair services for years. We promise upfront pricing, professional staff, and dependable service to all of our customers in the Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg and Brandon, South Dakota area.

An irrigation and sprinkler system is a critical part of keeping your yard green and healthy, but sometimes things don’t function as they should. There are many reasons why your irrigation system may not be working properly including cracked pipes, broken or clogged sprinkler heads, and electrical problems. DIY repairs can be time-consuming and ineffective, but The Yard Barbers is here to help you get your sprinkler system up and running in no time so that your yard gets all the water it needs to grow.

WHY CHOOSE The Yard Barbers?

Irrigation and sprinkler systems can be complex to work with, but the team at The Yard Barbers are highly-trained to diagnose and repair your system. Our lawn care technicians are experienced in working with a variety of irrigation and sprinkler systems so that we can help you get your system working properly.

Sprinkler Blowout And Winterization

When water freezes, it expands, and this expansion can lead to serious damage to your system and its underground components. Simply turning the system off can leave water in the pipes, which can cause them to crack or burst in freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, many home warranties do not cover sprinkler systems, which can you leave you with a costly repair bill. Save time and money with The Yard Barbers' irrigation winterization and sprinkler blowout services.

Common Irrigation and Automatic Sprinkler Problems

Cracked Pipes – Often times, tree roots are to blame for broken and cracked pipes. Other causes of broken pipes can include being crushed by vehicles or heavy machinery and general wear and tear.

Broken Sprinkler Heads – There are many ways that a sprinkler head can be broken including being hit by a lawnmower or weed-eater or being stepped on too many times.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads – Over time, dirt and small debris can get trapped inside the nozzle or filter, causing it to clog. This prevents water from going through the system and can lead to other problems.

Leaking Sprinkler – Damage by a lawnmower or vehicle can cause cracks in the system, leading to leakage. Also, over time the seals on your system can wear out causing leaks.

These are just a few of the common problems homeowners face with their yard’s irrigation and sprinkler system. Unkempt sprinkler systems can wreak havoc on your lawn, leading to soggy spots that let in weeds and disease as well as dead spots where the water is no longer reaching. In addition, troublesome irrigation systems can lead to tons of wasted water and higher utility bills.

Let The Yard Barbers save you time and money by getting your sprinkler system working properly today. Call us to schedule a free estimate!

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