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How to Care For Your Lawn After an Overseeding Service
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How to Care For Your Lawn After an Overseeding Service

Friday, December 22, 2023

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One of the many lawn care services that can help beautify your lawn is overseeding. Overseeding can help make your lawn uniform by filling in bare patches with new grass growth. Once you have scheduled an overseeding service for your lawn and it has been completed, it is important to take care of your new grass seeds. In South Dakota, cool-grass types are used when overseeding, and it usually takes up to 4 weeks for seeds to germinate and grow into healthy blades of grass. During this time, those seedlings will need frequent watering to help ensure growth proceeds smoothly. In addition, how you mow your lawn and how much foot traffic it receives will further affect the results of your overseeding service.

Watering tips for your overseeded lawn.

After an overseeding service, it is very important to frequently water your lawn so the seedlings can germinate. Keeping your lawn moist will create ideal conditions for germination and continued growth. For the first 2 weeks, it is recommended to water your lawn lightly 2-4 times a day. After the first 2 weeks have passed, you should water your lawn 1-2 times a day for at least 2 more weeks. Your watering schedule at this point should be less frequent, but, when you do water, you should water your lawn heavier than you did prior. Once a month has passed since your overseeding service, you can go back to watering your lawn as you normally do.

While you want your overseeded lawn to be moist, you do not want it to be waterlogged. Be careful to avoid drowning your seedlings.

Be careful mowing your overseeded lawn.

It is important to note that mowing your lawn too soon after an overseeding service could damage any progress your seedlings have made. The suction of a mower can damage or displace seedlings not yet strong enough to endure the stress, so it is recommended to wait at least 2-3 weeks before mowing a newly seeded lawn. Depending on the rate of growth your grass goes through, it might take more or less time than this, so another rule of thumb is to wait until your grass is at least 3 inches tall to mow it. When your grass is ready to be mowed, set the mower deck high. Mowing your lawn with your mower deck high avoids any stress to your grass by only cutting off a little from the top. If you cut off too much, you risk stressing your new grass while it is still weak.

Keep lawn traffic to a minimum after an overseeding service.

You should keep off your lawn after an overseeding service for the same reason you should wait to mow it. Stressors such as the pressure of walking on a newly seeded yard could result in harming the seeds. Seedlings need time to anchor themselves in the ground, and their roots are not always deep enough to keep them where they are within the first 2 weeks after an overseeding service. Wait at least 2-3 weeks before using your lawn. Once your lawn has been mowed 2-3 times without any issues and it seems like your grass is growing successfully, you can then begin to use your lawn as normal.

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You now know how to care for your lawn after overseeding it, so why not call and schedule a service today to whip your lawn into shape? Our professionals here at The Yard Barbers provide our overseeding service to property owners in Sioux Falls, SD, as well as to other nearby areas such as Harrisburg and Tea. Our overseeding service is offered in the spring and fall, and we recommend you schedule it annually. We also combine our overseeding service with core aeration for the best results. Call us at (605) 370-5084 to schedule our overseeding service today!

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