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Ash Borer Injections in & Around Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, & Tea, SD

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Emerald Ash Damage around Souix Falls,SD

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a beetle that targets and can lead to the demise of ash trees, specifically species like green ash, white ash, and the popular 'Autumn Purple' cultivar commonly found in South Dakota. This beetle's larvae, known as flatheaded borers, cause damage by tunneling into the tree's cambium layer beneath the bark, hindering water and nutrient movement and gradually weakening the tree. Initially, damage manifests at the tree's top, resulting in a thinning canopy and smaller leaves. Eventually, twigs and branches may die, and in severe infestations, the main trunk may harbor high numbers of the insect. Without intervention through insecticides, infested trees typically succumb to EAB damage over several years, influenced by factors such as tree health, weather conditions, and the density of nearby EAB populations.

Emamectin benzoate is a potent solution for combating emerald ash borer (EAB), but its application demands specialized trunk injection equipment and professional handling to ensure both effectiveness and avoid plant damage. Typically, it's most beneficial to apply emamectin benzoate shortly after spring leaf emergence when systemic insecticides can efficiently move within plants. This treatment boasts remarkable efficacy, reliably controlling EAB for up to two years post-application.


What does ash rehabilitation look like?

ash dieback in law in Brandon, SD.

emamectin benzoate serves as a valuable "rescue treatment" for ash trees exhibiting moderate canopy thinning due to accumulated EAB injuries. While it facilitates tree recovery, its efficacy diminishes if canopy thinning exceeds 30%. Unlike other insecticides, dinotefuran's high water solubility allows it to move swiftly within plants, making it suitable for bark spray application and systemic absorption. Due to its persistent nature and effectiveness against late-stage larvae, applications are ideally timed from spring bud break to late June or early July.

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