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Snow removal worker shoveling snow in a walkway near Sioux Falls, SD.

Residential Snow Removal in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, & Nearby Areas of South Dakota

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Premier Residential Snow Removal in Sioux Falls, SD & Surrounding Areas Like Harrisburg & Tea

Once snow accumulation reaches one inch, we're on the case!

A home in Tea, SD with snow plowed from driveway.

In South Dakota, we get over three feet of snow per year on average – nearly a foot more than the national average! It's a way of life for us, but that doesn't mean we have to sit around and live with the inconvenience and potential hazards of accumulated snow around our homes. At The Yard Barbers, we're determined to take back the winter season so you can fully enjoy yourself without worrying about snow!

We'll plow anything you need, whether it's a driveway, sidewalk, or entryway. Our team will conduct a pre-season walkthrough of your area to ensure we completely understand any special circumstances, access restrictions, and potential trouble areas so that when the time comes, we're ready to go. That time is whenever snow accumulation reaches one inch or more! If you're in or around Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, or Tea, SD and ready to say goodbye to all your snow worries, call us today at (605) 370-5084 to sign up for our residential snow removal service!

Keep your property safe with our snow removal service.

Snow can be relentless, and when there's a layer covering high-traffic areas, it can be hazardous to you and your loved ones. Our residential snow removal service will include clearing snow from these important spaces:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps
  • Entryways

With these areas clear, your property will come a long way in safety, not to mention convenience with no more having to wake up early and plow your driveway just so you can get to work on time!

We'll perform a pre-season walkthrough so that our snow removal is hassle-free for you.

So that our team is familiar with your property and all its unique features, we'll perform a pre-season walkthrough. We'll take inventory of any special circumstances and potential trouble areas where snow could pile up on your property. We'll also make certain we have all the access information like gate codes to be able to access your property when it snows without needing to trouble you. We do this to create a snow removal service that is not only hassle-free for you, but highly efficient because our team will know exactly what to look for to clear your property ASAP.

Our team will dispatch when snow accumulation reaches or exceeds one inch.

When you enroll in our residential snow removal service, our team will be dispatched any time snow accumulation reaches or exceeds one inch. We'll typically wait until the snowfall is done to ensure we get it all, but for big snows, we'll still come out every six inches to keep it from getting out of hand. So that we're never taken off-guard by a storm, we utilize a private meteorologist partner to always be in the know and implement proper planning, allowing us to provide better service to you no matter what the weather brings.

Every year, our entire team is required to undergo 15 hours of training and pass training exams so we're always up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge.

Call us today to enroll in our residential snow removal service!

Kiss those early morning plow sessions goodbye – we'll take it from here! At The Yard Barbers, we love maintaining the safety and utility of residences in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, and nearby cities in South Dakota during the snow season. We're proud to provide efficient service using high-quality equipment that gets the job done, and gets the job done well. Call (605) 370-5084 today to enroll in our residential snow removal service and sleep in the next time it snows!