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Commercial property with lawn mowing pattern lines in Sioux Falls, SD.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, & Nearby Areas of South Dakota

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We provide lawn and landscape maintenance for homes and businesses in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, SD and nearby areas.

Ensure your property always looks its best by maintaining its stellar appearance.

A fresh lawn and landscape can be hard to maintain. There's a lot of tedious and time-consuming work behind the scenes. From mowing your lawn to cleaning up your yard come springtime and fall, the work to keep your yard's stellar appearance is a job our experts at The Yard Barbers are always happy to do!

We provide expert lawn and landscape maintenance services, including lawn mowing, leaf removal, spring cleanups, fall cleanups, trimming, pruning, rock installation, and mulch installation. Our team strives to ensure residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, SD, and surrounding areas always look their best. Give us a call today at (605) 370-5084 to schedule any of our services.

Lawn Mowing

A freshly mowed lawn with pattern for a customer in Sioux Falls, SD.

Our weekly lawn mowing program runs from April to October to ensure your lawn always looks great. We'll also handle trimming and blowing off grass clippings on hard surfaces, so your property will look nice and manicured. We can also mulch the grass clippings back into your turf, and as they break down, they will release nutrients back into your lawn.

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We are the only company in the Sioux Falls, SD area that offers to mulch the grass clippings.

Leaf Removal

A customer's lawn being serviced for leaf removal in Tea, SD.

Removing leaves is essential for keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and looking its best. You can schedule our leaf removal service in the spring and fall and leave it to our team to remove all of the leaves in your yard and haul them off to the local landfill.

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Spring Cleanups

A professional blowing away debris for spring cleanup service for a customer in Harrisburg, SD.

The spring cleaning fever includes tackling your yard and the debris that has accumulated during the winter. Our crew offers spring cleanups which include blowing out leaves and pruning your plants to ensure your lawn and landscape are in tip-top shape before entering the summer season!

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Fall Cleanups

Fall cleanup serviced by a professional in Brandon, SD.

Once the summer heat and stress are over, it's time to schedule our fall cleanups. We will remove leaves that have accumulated in your lawn to help prepare your lawn for the winter season.

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Plant Trimming

Circular hedges trimmed by professionals in Sioux Falls, SD.

Our experts offer trimming services so your plants remain healthy and beautiful. We'll trim back your perennial plants in the spring to make room for more beautiful blooms during the growing season.

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Rock Installation

Professionals from The Yard Barbers installing rock ground coverings in Brandon, SD.

Installing rock ground coverings in your landscape beds is a great way to bring out their beauty. Not only will this service give your landscape beds an aesthetically pleasing and unique look, but it will also provide health benefits for your plants.

Mulch Installation

A handful of brown mulch in a professional's hand in Tea, SD.

Our mulch installation service will enhance the aesthetics of your landscape beds. It provides a unique finishing look that makes your landscape beds look nice and neat. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of mulch, installing mulch also helps with:

  • Preventing weed growth
  • Retaining soil moisture
  • Insulating the roots of your plants from harsh conditions
  • Reducing soil erosion

Do you need help maintaining your lawn and landscape? Call us today!

Maintaining your lawn and landscape is tedious work. With our lawn and landscape maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. Our team can help homeowners and business owners in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, SD and surrounding communities maintain their lawn and landscape. Give us a call today at (605) 370-5084 to schedule any of our lawn and landscape maintenance services!