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Core aeration lawn plugs pulled from a yard in Sioux Falls, SD.
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Core Aeration in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, & Nearby Areas of South Dakota

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Our core aeration service is available to homes and businesses in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, SD and nearby areas.

Boost the health of your grass by aerating your lawn annually.

Aerator machine pulling out dirt in lawn in Harrisburg, SD.

In South Dakota, we primarily have cool-season grass. That's why we offer core aeration in the spring and fall because this is when cool-season lawns are at their strongest. The result is a thriving lawn that has easy access to critical nutrients! You don't need to do anything after aerating your lawn; just sit back and wait for the results. We also recommend pairing core aeration with our overseeding service for a thicker lawn. We offer our services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, SD and the surrounding areas.

When can you schedule our core aeration service?

Throughout the year, your lawn receives foot and vehicle traffic that can compact the soil and inhibit vital resources from getting to the roots of your grass. We offer our core aeration service in the spring and fall to ensure your turf is receiving the necessary nutrients to thrive. We offer core aeration during these seasons because this is the time of year your grass will be at its strongest and it will be able to tolerate and bounce back from the process.

We recommend scheduling our core aeration every year to get the best results for your grass.

Sit back and watch your lawn get healthier after core aeration.

Proactive and attentive property owners like you always want to do something to help support the health of their turf, and we're here for it. We sometimes receive questions on what to do after performing core aeration. Once we aerate your lawn, you don't have to lift a finger! All you need to do is sit back and watch for the results to show in the form of healthier and greener grass.

Our process involves pulling plugs of dirt from the ground, which means there will be cores of soil left on your property. We recommend leaving them where they are because these soil plugs will eventually break down and release nutrients back to the soil.

Get Outstanding Results When You Pair Core Aeration & Overseeding

Professional overseeding a lawn in Sioux Falls, SD.

Overseeding your lawn is another lawn care service your turf needs to maintain its lush appearance. We only offer our overseeding service directly after aeration. That's because the new grass seeds we'll spread will have a better chance of germinating and growing into the thick, lush lawn you want. Here are more reasons why you should schedule overseeding with aeration:

  • The holes left after our core aeration process provides the grass seeds with the perfect space to settle in.
  • The grass seeds we will spread on your lawn will have access to the vital resources that they need to flourish.
  • Overseeding after aerating your turf brings in new grass growth that will make your yard look more vibrant.

Are you tired of your slow-growing turf? Call our team to schedule our core aeration service!

Aerating your turf should be on your lawn care checklist every year. Let our team help you check it off with our core aeration service! Say goodbye to your slow-growing turf because we will ensure that crucial resources can reach the roots of your grass so it can grow nice and strong. If you own a home or business in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea or surrounding communities in South Dakota, we can help you. Our price for core aeration starts at $100. Call us today at (605) 370-5084 to schedule with us today!