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Should Lawns in South Dakota Be Fertilized During the Fall?
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Should Lawns in South Dakota Be Fertilized During the Fall?

Friday, December 22, 2023

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Fertilizing your lawn in South Dakota throughout the growing season is essential for providing the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, but do you need to do so in the fall, too? The answer is yes, as fall is a great time to fertilize it! That's because it will help it recover from the stress it endured during the summer, plus prepare it for winter dormancy by building up its health and strength and promoting deep, robust root growth. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will also help it green up and bounce back quicker in the spring so it can start the new growing season on the right foot!

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help it recover from any summer-related stress.

The summer season can take a toll on your lawn in South Dakota, especially with the hot temperatures causing it to struggle. Fortunately, fertilizing it in the fall is just what it needs to recover from any summer-related stress! This fertilizer treatment will replenish the nutrients it used to survive this challenging season, reinvigorating its vibrant green color and overall health for the fall.

The three main macronutrients in lawn fertilizers include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall prepares it for winter dormancy.

Winters here in South Dakota are harsh, and lawns go dormant during this time to preserve their energy and resources to survive. However, you can help prepare it for winter dormancy by fertilizing it in the fall. A fall fertilizer treatment will fortify your turf's strength and build up its health, plus ensure it has enough nutrients to store and use throughout the winter season. Not only that, it'll also promote root growth, helping it develop deep, robust systems, which it needs to endure the cold temperatures. After all, well-established, strong roots can better absorb and retain the resources your lawn needs, including water and nutrients.

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help it green up and bounce back quicker in the spring.

Another reason to fertilize your lawn in the fall is because it'll aid in it greening up and bouncing back quicker in the spring! A fall fertilizer application will help it transition into winter dormancy in good shape, meaning it has a better chance of staying as healthy as possible until spring arrives. As a result, it'll have an easier time emerging and starting the new growing season on the right foot. Your grass will also regain its vibrant green color faster, meaning it'll be beautiful and ready to go in no time!

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If you want to help your lawn reach its full potential, you've come to the right place! Here at The Yard Barbers, we offer a top-notch lawn fertilization service that starts in March and ends in November. During this time, we'll visit your property multiple times to nourish your grass with fertilizer treatments, including in the fall, to help it recover from summer stress, prepare for winter dormancy, and emerge in great shape come spring. But wait, that's not all - this service also comes with pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments, so you don't have to worry about pesky weeds stealing those nutrients for themselves! With us, you can trust that we only use high-quality products to yield the best results for your lawn, and we'll give it everything it needs to thrive year after year.

We proudly serve residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Sioux Falls, SD, and throughout the nearby areas, such as Harrisburg and Tea. Call us today at (605) 370-5084 to sign up for our lawn fertilization service.

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